Nanight Tech 2 lampa

5 950 kr6 550 kr

Nanight tech 2 primärlampa är en kannisterlampa med bra drag i 4000 lumen, skönt bungee handtag och mycket lampa för pengarna. Finns i tre färger, svart, blå och röd och man kan beställa den med goodman handle om man vill ha hårt handtag istället.

Beskrivning från Nanight:

The Nanight Tech 2 is the latest edition in the Tech series. Designed for more advanced diving or outdoor activities where powerful light and a long burn time is needed.
With interchangeable lenses and multiple mounts the light can be used as
– Tight spotlight in murky water (10° lens)
– Floodlight in clear water, coral reefs, caves (35°-55° lens)
– Video light (100°-120° without lens)
The light is equipped with simple reliable magnetic switch without any complicated mechanics, that will sustain years of use in salt water.
The Tech 2 is equipped with the new Charge Port 2.0 for simple charging without having to take apart your light. The new Charge Port 2.0 does not need a cap while diving.
The Tech 2 Kit includes:
– Nanight Tech head, battery canister and cable
– High quality rechargeable Panasonic Li-ion battery
– Protective case
– 10° lens included (35° is available as optional purchase)
– 100°-120° beam without lens
– Charger
– Charge Port 2.0 with overpressure valve
– Soft goodman handle
– Standard canister mount
– Canister velcro quick strap

Technical Data
– Light output: 4000 emitter lumens
– Triple Cree XHP35
– Color temperature: 6000k
– Max depth: 100m
– Double o-ring sealed
– Temperature monitoring of the LEDs
– Effective cooling
– Magnetic switch
– Cable length: 1200mm

– 4 step dimming
– Automatic Light Intensity Stepdown
– Total burn time* (including step down):
– Level 4: 3 h 10 min
– Level 3: 5 h
– Level 2: 7 h
– Level 1: 12 h 10 min
For a detailed burn time chart, see the User Manual linked above.

Total Lamp Weight: 1000 g
Lamp head in freshwater: ca 50 g
Canister in freshwater: ca 250 g
Head Length: 8 cm
Canister Length: 19,5 cm
Diameter (Tube): 5,5 cm

* Burn time varies with power level and time may be decreased by low temperatures, age, excessive usage etc.